Kenwood TM-271A VHF Mobile Ham Radio For Sale

Kenwood TM-271A

Kenwood TM-271A 2 Meter Vhf mobiles for sale below. 

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A little about this mobile transceiver:

The Kenwood TM 271A two meter ham radio comes with 60 watts of RF power, is extremely durable (meets military specs) and is loaded with popular features (see below):

It takes a rugged vehicle to meet the challenges of the wilderness, and Kenwood's new TM-271A is tough. This compact, MIL-STD-compliant transceiver deliver powerful mobile performance and such advanced features as multiple scan functions and memory names, as well as NOAA Weather Band & emergency alert reception*. On or off the road you can always enjoy the sophistication of high-quality audio. Illuminated keys and a large LCD with adjustable green backlighting for easy operation day or night help make the TM-271A the ideal companion for all your travels.

General Features
High power 60W output
Weather Alert (U.S. only)
U.S. MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F
High quality front speaker
200 memory channels, plus one call channel
6 alphanumeric characters offers 100 memory channels
Multiple scan functions
CTCSS & DCS Encoder/Decoder
High frequency stability with built-in TCXO

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More info a bout standard Kenwood TM-271A mobile radio features

• Weather Alert Radio function checks the 1050 Hz tone from

NOAA (U.S.A./ Canada only).

• Menu allows for easy control and selecting of various


• Up to 200 memory channels to program frequencies and

other various data. (Up to 100 memory channels if Memory

Channel Names are assigned to the channels.)

• Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) or

Digital Code Squelch (DCS) rejects unwanted calls from

other stations.

• Equipped with an easy-to-read large LCD with

alphanumeric display capability.

• TNC (E market models only)

• Free PC software (Memory Control Program) is available to

program the frequency, signalling, and other settings of your




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