Yaesu FT-920 Ham Radio For Sale


Yaesu FT-920


The Yaesu FT-920 Ham Radio is no longer made, but still is considered to have a leading edge in features.  Fast DSP chip with great selectivity, with a full sized base station set up and feel.  This is definately not your mobile ham radio. 

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With the Yaesu FT-920 you also have a full sized main vfo and a sub vfo with a nice smooth tuning control.  The black LED on amber light display makes everything easy to read and clear.  Not a huge amount of sub menu settings to scan through, as this one has the size to fit in unique tuning knobs and buttons, (which is rare to find today, as ham radios become smaller and smaller in design).


This radio was made in the late 1990s and phased out a few years ago.  Buying a Yaesu FT-920 would both help you find a high quality radio transceiver, while at the same time save you alot of money!!   

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Standard Bells and Whistles
  • 160-6 meters 100 Watts
  • Dual Watch
  • 127 Memories
  • Notch Filter
  • IF Impulse Noise Blank
  • All-Mode D.S.P.
  • Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • Twin VFO Displays
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Twin VFO Knobs
  • IF Shift