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New and used HF & VHF Amplifiers are listed for sale at the link below.  Both glass and steel tube models ranging under and legal limit++.  If you want to approach near legal limit in the most affordable way as possible, the Heathkit SB-220 and the SB-221 with it's near instant on 3-500z tubes still remains a top seller in the used market.  Many hams report near or just at legal limit with these older amps.  Some additional amps to consider include the Yaesu Quadra, Heathkit SB-1000, Amp Supply LK-500, and the Amp Supply LK-550.  Oh and who can forget the Henry 2k-15kw monsters!  I still don't know why a ham would need more than the 2k series, due to both their weight and beyond legal limit outputs (1,500 watts here in the US). 

*Please note, Linear Amplifiers operate at high voltages.  Please don't not attempt to modify or take apart a linear amplifier, unless you understand all safety concerns/precautions.   When working on a high powered amplifier, care should be taken, and/or injury or worse yet death can occur!

Below is a link to current inventory for sale.

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